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Certificate of Completion in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

The Certificate of Completion in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities may be viewed as a stepping stone to denote individuals who have demonstrated a level of expertise in providing quality supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. The Online Certificate of Completion in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities is awarded to students who complete Special Education 101: Introduction to Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Services and 12 additional semester hours of Associate of Science Intellectual Developmental Disabilities degree coursework Undergraduate Developmental Disabilities Courses.

MSU Online makes it possible for you to attend class regardless of location or time zone. Because you communicate with your instructor and class online, you can complete your entire certificate without setting foot on campus. Students who are not currently working in the human services delivery system may complete their practicum assignments in a volunteer or paid practicum site in their local area. The student's instructor/advisor will help make arrangements for approval of practicum site.

Students will receive a Certificate from MSU and the Certificate of Completion will be recorded on an official MSU transcript. All Certificate of Completion Intellectual Developmental Disabilities courses may be applied to the Online Associate of Science with emphasis in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

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