North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities

Coordinator Areas


Community Services & Training - Hilory Liccini

NDCPD has provided exemplary services to ND communities throughout the years. Many of these innovative approaches to disability services are readily available for replications in other communities. If you would like more information about our service capabilities.


Research - Evan Borisinkoff

NDCPD has received over $3 million in research funding for FY 2008-2009. Additionally, the Center offers an exceptional research and educational environment that includes research design, statistical analysis, data management, as well as the preparation of research proposals and grants. Furthermore, the Center develops funding resources to further disability research, services, training and technical assistance. This extensive research is available to the general public in the publications on this site. NDCPD greatly appreciates the contributions of the professional people from the fields of science, medicine and education who have made these publications possible.


Preservice - JoLynn Webster

As part of the LEND program, NDCPD invites members of the public to participate in the LEND Training Seminars. These interactive seminars are held on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) in the NDCPD Teleconference Studio (room 207, Memorial Hall, Minot State University Campus). The seminars are free and participants can attend all or part of each seminar.


Disability and Society is a class that covers the issues which people with disabilities encounter as they go through the life-span from birth to death. Factual information is presented about each lifespan stage through lectures, small group activities, and guest presentations by people with disabilities and their family members.


Dissemination - Linda Madsen

The North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities at Minot State University has developed a variety of products, services, and publications serving the disability community. The links below provide more information from our quarterly newsletter "The Collaborator". If you would like additional information, please call us at (800) 233-1737.


NDCPD   Memorial Hall   500 University Ave West   Minot, ND 58707   1-800-233-1737



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