North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities

Our faculty and staff consists of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, with an even wider range of knowledge and creative problem-solving skills. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or to obtain more information.

Akin, Lauren

Allery, Jessie

Armstrong, Amy

Augustin, Ludnie

Bachmeier, Carson

Berg, Alysha

Bergmasco, Shannon

Blake, Josie

Bollefer, Eric

Bossert, Dianne

Boyle, Sara

Brabandt, Vickie

Brigden, Christine

Burckhard, Paula

Burke, Danae

Burney, Michele


Daigneault, Rebecca

Davenport, Apryl

DeBiasio, Christina

deDelley, Kristen

Demars, Jody

Dhuyvetter, Ashley

Diefenbach, Tracy

Dorais, Amber

Drevecky, Kelly

Epp, Toni-Ann

Erickson, Kylie

Fenner, Chad



Gallant, Alison

Gillies, Shelby

Green, Kendell

Haarstad, Cathy

Haarstad, Sara

Hicks, Hayley

Hill, Erika

Hoeneck, Tavia

Hoff, Nancy

Holm, Thea

Huettl, Korie

Irey, Connie


Johnson, Larisa

Kang, Juhee

Kelley, Hillary

Kesserling, Chantal

Khalid, Urosa

Kjelshus, Meghan


Landaker, Lenny

Lawson, Kristie

Lopez-Gietzen, Sara

Lynch, Joscelyn

Mathwich, Kim

McPhail, Mandi

Meindinger, Eunice

Merck, Cheryl

Miller, Brooklyn

Mirza, Carly

Morrison, Carey

Munson, Brenda

NDCPD Personnel

NDCPD   Memorial Hall   500 University Ave West   Minot, ND 58707   1-800-233-1737



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