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The partnership that created and tested this course includes a University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Services and a Developmental Disabilities Service Provider considered a national leader in the provision of supports to individuals with significant disabilities.  The course content and learning activities focus on strategies for preventing abuse and neglect. Participants learn how to: 


Ø      Recognize risk factors for staff as perpetrators and individuals receiving services as potential victims

Ø      Develop coping skills for staff in challenging situations

Ø      Identify corporate and environmental supports that foster positive relationships.

Ø      Implement positive practices that decrease the likelihood of mistreatment

Ø      Recognize and report the occurrence of maltreatment


The course content is comparable to a two-day workshop. However, with online training, staff can complete the course without leaving their worksite. Course assignments are applied to the specific issues confronting staff and the people they support on a daily basis.




Finally, a comprehensive competency based online curriculum on abuse and neglect is available.  I was not only impressed by its thoroughness with respect to the subject, but was moved by its sensitivity to the tragic issues associated with abuse and neglect of our vulnerable citizens with disabilities.  There is no doubt in my mind that this curriculum will have a significant impact in improving the quality of lives of people with disabilities. I am proud to put my stamp of approval on this most impressive and long needed curriculum designed to deter incidences of abuse and neglect of people with disabilities.  I was particularly impressed with the format and its use- friendly approach.  In my opinion this curriculum will be of great value to any staff training function in organizations supporting people with disabilities.

Thomas E. Pomeranz, Ed.D.
President and CEO

Universal LifeStiles


I think the course can be very helpful to staff as they work with individuals with disabilities.  Working day to day with individuals with disabilities can present some unique challenges, ones that we are not often prepared for.  This course can help us to understand those challenges and better cope with them

Navelene Martin
Quality Improvement Specialist

State of Montana Disability Services Division


I am impressed with the Abuse and Neglect course. It's ease of use, real life articles, and short units make it inviting and interesting, unlike most training offered to DSPs. This may be redefining staff training!

Linda LaPointe



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